Hoekstra makes conservatives look bad

Letter from China: How Did Hoekstra Get So Much Wrong? : The New Yorker.

Evan Osnos explains in detail why Pete Hoekstra’s anti-China Super Bowl ad was just plain wrong. This has been covered in many places, but Osnos really knows his stuff, and he is nobody’s idea of a Sinopologist.

Thinking conservatives should distance themselves from this kind of demagoguery. Not only does it demean political debate with disinformation, it also give ammunition to liberals who would categorize conservatives as the automaton minions of special interests, or, worse, as a bunch of protectionist boobs trying to build government walls around outdated industries.

Let’s get this straight: Michigan’s economy has been shafted by the folly of the auto makers on the one hand, and the entitlement mentality of the UAW on the other. We need to learn from the mistakes of the industry so we do not repeat them, and so that we can help rebuild the business. Laying the blame on the plate of outside forces – China, Japan, the WTO – does little more that institutionalize a somewhat pathetic victim mentality, and does little to solve the core problems: unemployed people and decaying enterprise.

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