A Note on our Sources

While conservatives, we here at The Pacific Bull Moose do not hesitate, in the words of author Richard Bach, to “quote the Truth wherever we find it.” No individual or group in American politics or economics, right, left, or center, enjoys a monopoly on insight, on solutions, or on good ideas. What we are obliged to do, however, is to measure those insights, solutions, and ideas against our heritage and experience, and to chart a measured but determined path to a better future. What is more, we believe that the pollination of ideas across both sides of a political fence often reveals heretofore undiscovered common ground.

For that reason, here at the Pacific Bull Moose we are as happy quoting Mother Jones, Prospect, or Rolling Stone as we are quoting Commentary, The Economist, or The American Conservative when making our points. Indeed, we have found it essential to draw on such diverse sources as we attempt to forge a new, forward-looking path for conservatives and for the nation.

If we quote from a source, however, do not take that to mean we wholeheartedly support everything written in that article, by that author, or on the publication in question. The state of our political dialog in the United States is such that gems of insight must often be pried from the rock face of an ideological polemic. We will always endeavor to do so with full respect to context, but we would rather err on the side of including an insight than leaving it aside.

America, after all, needs all the good thinking it can get.

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