The Role of the Media

It is not the media’s job to decide what the American people can and cannot hear. That is dishonesty, that is lying. It is the media’s job to keep the American people informed. That’s what it’s there for, and doing anything else is simply abusing the trust millions and millions of Americans have for the current news media system.

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Exactly why the mainstream media – from Fox News to MSNBC, from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times – are becoming impediments to a healthy American system rather than its guardians.

Explaining No Labels

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If you are serious about fixing the partisanship problem that is vexing the American political system, and you haven’t heard about the work that No Labels is doing, you need to watch this video.

These guys are not about eliminating the differences between right and left in America, but about establishing common goals and starting the process of reaching them from what unites us, not what divides us.

Religious Intolerance is Ingrained in America

A Catholic philosopher friend who thinks very deeply about these things says that we are deceiving ourselves if we think that appeals to religious liberty will protect us in the emerging order. Even if broad-minded liberals wanted to be tolerant and magnanimous, he says, the logic that leads to the discovery in the Constitution of gay civil rights will require intolerance of religious liberty, insofar as it impinges upon gay rights. This is because ideas have consequences, and the ontological and anthropological ideas that led to the moral and legal justification of same-sex marriage depose normative Christianity from the core of the culture’s understanding of itself.

via Rod Dreher
The Unraveling of the Common Good
The American Conservative
April 28, 2015

The Kulturkampf is over, people of faith lost, and it was pretty much inevitable. All that remains for people of faith to do is decide whether they want to assimilate, revolt, or find some modus vivendi that allows us to live according to the precepts of our faiths at a degree of remove from the wider society.

Give Me Your Wealthy, Your Leisure-class

Want a Green Card? Invest in Real Estate –

Work as a bracero for seven years in a California farm field, pay your taxes, be a positive member of society, raise a family, and live in constant fear of deportation because a pathway to legalization is closed to you.

But if you are wealthy, you can come to America and get a green card while you study, all for investing in a speculative real estate scheme that “employs” people.

Now, I’m all for enterprise. But I think if we are going to expand the EB-5 program, we had best start looking after the people who have been making America run, not just the people who want to bring bags of cash with them.

If you think that is a “liberal” sentiment, I implore you to go to New York and read the words of Emma Lazarus inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Then tell me when this country stopped being the refuge of the tired and poor, and became a vacation colony for the world’s wealthy and privileged?

Rex Murphy: A Canadian View of US Identity Politics

“The obsession of seeing everything in race-coloured terms is itself racist. Anti-racism pursed by zealots transforms itself into the very vice it deplores. This is the cost of identity politics, and its close bedmate, victimology enterprises — the desire to judge, define, represent and indict the individual by the group he or she belongs to. Every human being’s experience in its infinite particularities and potentials transcends category.

It is to the great shame of modern universities that they have debased themselves to the pursuit of these follies, and that they do not cast this cant aside as being hollow, sublimely tendentious and utterly shameful to the idea of, or the aspiration to achieve, an educated mind. Wasn’t Doctor King’s most famous prayer that he hoped to see the day ‘when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?'”

via Rex Murphy: ‘White privilege’ on the march.

It’s On

What John Lennon poetically wished for, an end of biblical religion, the progressives will now openly declare. The platform they are nearly at, and will be at soon, is to remove all tax breaks, and to criminalize all non-private religious expression and practice on the basis of debased “public-reason test” thinking. It’s on.

Carl Eric Scott
via ‘Your Frame Is Too Small’
Rod Dreher
The American Conservative
April 30, 2015